Annie Lane.

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Annie Lane. Amy Dickinson.

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People are busy with their family.

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Aug 6, 2014 1.

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By the time you turn 21, even more change whether a simple refining of self or a whole reinvention is likely to have. .

Falling out of friendship Folks want to "fire" their friends, Lynn observes. DEAR AMY I have a friend who is my age, (late 50s).


. Amy Dickinson. You have intuited that as you age into adulthood the years between you and older friends will feel smaller, less meaningful.

. . I dont have any friends. . Finding friends can be challenging at any age but dont let that deter you from expanding your social circle. .

A fix is not so easy, depending on how rooted the issue is.

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Aug 17, 2016 Greif says we need to believe we can make new close friends at any age.



I had no friends at 18 (or any through my entire high school career) and it was always assumed by others and my self to be incredibly abnormal.