For Buddhists, this includes animals, so many Buddhists choose to be vegetarian.


SMART Vocabulary related words and phrases. Being trans is seen as karmic punishment for Violating the third Precept.

A fundamental precept of the discipline of human factors is to involve the user in all stages of a system's design, from concept to product.

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Table 4. a. As a preceptor, you ensure every new nurse to become confident and competent to deliver quality care.

What are the 7 precepts of the Catholic Church These are to observe certain feasts.

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not following secondary precepts may be supported by another primary precepts.

- William Ogden Brotherhood is an ideal better understood by example than precept- Thomas Carlyle.

A fundamental precept of science is the freedom enjoyed by the theorist in devising hypotheses. .

. Jun 25, 2016 And when they come across a precept that is clearly delineated, they say, "As I look at my life, I see where it&39;s not like that precept.

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. . But how are we supposed to define "lie" in Buddhist context particularly fourth precept An example One student got kicked out from a University because of unacceptable conducts. And we can break this precept. . not following secondary precepts may be supported by another primary precepts.

2006 , The Gift of Language I need hardly point out that Pinker doesn't really believe anything of what he writes, at least if example is stronger evidence of belief than precept.

A precept (from the Latin pr&230;cipere, to teach) is A commandment, instruction, or order intended as an authoritative rule of action. to keep the prescribed fasts.


precept in American English.


Precept upon Precept.