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OTC1GB 16-02, 1SCC303003C0201, manual change-over switches, manual transfer switches, motorized.

. Product ID 1SCA106945R1001.

ABB OT400FPC-B MANUAL CHANGEOVER SWITCH, 400A, 4POLE, STEEL ENCLOSURE, IP65 part of Multipurpose Switches, distributed by Kempston Controls.

Product ID 1SCA106945R1001.

ABB Group. Good Customer support. 04.

Also find Changeover Switch price list ID 3248392655.

00. Motorized change-over switches, 1SCC308119F0001, DWG, OTM3200E3C. .

3-Ph (4 Pole) 1950 x 1020 x 1200 mm. .


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Millenium 396.
Ivie 138.


Pole Count.

Download Range Brochure. Low Voltage Products and Systems. The switch family consists of a complete range of switch-disconnectors, switch fuses, transfer switches, bypass switches and fuses.

00. . 7,358. 20 - power breakersswitches price list 0313. Timers. .


04. OT40F3C.



Switch Control Automatic.

IIM1DNDS BL DND, MMR Set Internal & Exte.

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